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Glasses and Music Sheet

"The Klein studio was like a second home to me. It was a place where music mattered most, and everything else could be temporarily forgotten. Over the years there, I received the diligent guidance that grew a child into a musician, and I was given the freedom that turned a musician into an artist. While I am currently in the middle of starting my career in science, music continues find its way into my day-to-day routine, sometimes as long term goals or short term projects, sometimes as therapy, or often times as simple enjoyment. I would like to give my sincerest thanks to the Klein studio for the vital part it has played in bestowing within me the gift of a lifetime."  

~Mike X. (former student)

"Jonathan Klein was our son's teacher, mentor, guide and role-model for fourteen years. In addition to the highest caliber teaching, Jonathan provided steady encouragement, understanding, and guidance. And while Jonathan always expects his students' very best effort, he is sensitive to what each individual wants to achieve through their music and what they are going through at different phases of their life.  Jonathan meets his students where they are and gives them the respect of a fellow musician.  In addition to his own studio's many recitals, Jonathan provides his students opportunities to see others play and encourages them to perform, study and audition outside the studio.  Because he is an excellent teacher and because of his numerous colleagues across the country." 

~Carolyn H. (parent) 

"Jonathan is one of the most phenomenal teachers that I have ever had. When I first joined the studio, I didn't really understand what music was. Music was at that time, words on a page, notes to be played, and sounds to be made. But Jonathan taught me about how music was meant to be felt, appreciated and performed. Not necessarily to win a medal or a competition, but to be performed for others and for myself. He believed in my practicing and made sure that whenever I stepped out onto any stage, that I was ready. Thanks to Jonathan, I will be a musician for the rest of my life." 

~Kevin Y. (former student) 

Playing the Piano

"Both of my children have been students of Mr. Klein for the past 5 years.  When searching for a professional piano teacher for them, I was very particular in my approach.  The instructor had to be well-rounded, educated in teaching technique, theory, and musicianship, as well as a good role model for his students.  We definitely found this in Mr. Klein.  I have watched both my daughters blossom as musicians and artists under his tutelage.  I would highly recommend Mr. Klein as a teacher to any student/family searching for a true professional who sets the bar very high and teaches each pupil with the intent of providing the tools needed for his students to achieve their goals."

~LaVonne B. (parent) 

"Our daughter had been a student of Jonathan’s for nearly a decade. Under his guidance, she has grown into an accomplished musician and a confident performer. His personalized instruction allows students to make the most of their talent while also challenging them to reach new heights. We cannot sing our praises of Jonathan enough—both as an outstanding piano teacher and individual."

~Lisa & Geoff L. (parents) 

"My daughter had her piano lessons in Jonathan’s piano studio for 7 years before she went to college. Mr. Jonathan is an excellent pianist, great performer, and a wonderful teacher.  He is always polite, enthusiastic, professional, and friendly. He’s also very patient and careful with his younger students. He also knows how to lead the little ones to step into the magnificent musical world. In studio recitals you can feel that each student, young or old, becomes a great performer. Each piece, long or short, becomes beautiful. I would like to say thank you to Mr. Jonathan Klein for teaching my kids for many years. Music was wonderful accompanying them growing up...(and) has filled our family with lots of happiness."

~Lu M. (parent)

"Our daughter Nurie has studied piano with Jonathan Klein at his studio in Athens, Georgia. She started taking piano lessons from Mr. Klein when she was a kindergarten student at Oconee Primary...(and) continued the lessons through her senior year at North Oconee High School. Mr. Jonathan Klein is a dedicated piano teacher that works hard with his students and helps them hone their talents so they can grow as musicians. We highly recommend."

~Hey-Kyung S. & Charles L. (parents) 


"Jonathan is an excellent teacher, pianist and role model.  He not only teaches you the musicality of a piece and how to prepare for performances but also teaches you to appreciate the artist and how they envisioned the piece to be played. My boys spent 12 years with Jonathan and he was always so encouraging, funny, energetic, patient, committed to their success, and took the time to get to know them.  He would always choose a piano piece that was well suited to their personalities and expected greatness."

~Daniela D. (parent) 

"I was one of Jonathan’s students from elementary school through my senior year of high school and I’ve never had a teacher who’s more patient, kind, and fun. He always knows exactly how to help his students succeed in bringing music to life, and will work through each piece of music with his students step by step until it sounds amazing. He motivates his students to try their hardest every lesson and always takes personal preferences, individual learning styles, and interests into account when teaching music. I’ve loved taking lessons with Jonathan and hope piano will always be a part of my life."

~Mengqiao G. (former student) 

"Jonathan taught piano to my two sons and his teaching style is the perfect balance of friendly and encouraging, yet very professional with an emphasis on progress. He sets high expectations and inspires his students through his own love of music, whether seeking greater achievement and enjoyment in piano studies. The best part is that he does this kindly and patiently. He runs a beautifully balanced piano education program emphasizing technique, theory and musicality at each stage of the student’s development. Through all these years of teaching piano to my kids Jonathan has shown what a great teacher and an inspirational pianist he is."

~Xiaofang S. (parent) 

"I am an adult student in the Piano Studio of Jonathan Klein.  Although I took piano for about 7 years when I was a child, I stopped playing and never imagined I would approach music as a student again. He is an excellent pianist himself, but more than that, he is a superb teacher who is highly skilled in the art and science of teaching.  I am an adult in my 80's, grateful that I get to play some of the music of the composers I have loved all of my life - Bach, Chopin, Debussy. Mr. Klein, has enabled me to approach practicing and learning in ways that have made that possible.  My life is so much richer because his teaching has helped  me develop the habits and skills of taking a page filled with black dots and white spaces and make it become music." 

~Karen Kassinger (adult student)

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