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Payment of the entire month is due in advance at the first lesson of each month.  If the student misses the first lesson of the month, please send the payment in full at the beginning of the month.  If monthly payment is late, the student will be assessed a  $20.00 late fee. 



MUSIC:   All students are responsible for the payment of their music.  In most cases music will be purchased in advance for the student.  Payment should be made at the time the music is received or can be included with tuition at the beginning of the following month.


FEES:  There will be an annual $50.00 Non-Refundable registration & materials fee for each student due at the beginning of the fall semester.  This fee will help cover the cost of recital programs, tunings, recordings, technology expenses, and many other budget items throughout the year.



STUDENTS:  Students are expected to practice smartly and daily.  Piano playing is both a physical and mental activity that requires consistent and repetitive habits to develop the technical, cognitive, and aural skills necessary for artistic playing.  A good guideline for practice is a minimum of 30 minutes (or 20m+10m) daily for young beginners and a minimum of 60-120 minutes daily for intermediate and advanced students.  Further, all students are asked to practice at home on the day of their lesson. This is the best way to ensure that the concepts covered in the lesson are remembered and applied at home. In addition to their music repertoire, students are expected to prepare their assigned technical exercises and theory for each lesson.     



PARENTS:  It is the parents' responsibility to help their child schedule and adhere to a daily time for piano practicing. It is recommended that parents practice daily with their child especially if they are a beginner to piano.  Further, in order to aid in their development, students and parents may be asked to keep track of practice minutes, video record their weekly playing, or document at home practicing in some other way.


The instructor reserves the right to terminate piano instruction for students who demonstrate an inability to practice consistently and/or continually show up to lessons unprepared. A general guideline for this is three unprepared lessons in a semester.


ATTENDANCE POLICY (Lessons & Events)

Students are expected to attend their weekly lessons regularly and on time.  All missed or canceled lessons shall be paid for.  The students are paying for the time reserved for them whether the lesson is attended or not. Lessons missed due to illness will be considered for make up times.  Lessons missed due to reasons other than illness will not be made up. 


Studio classes and recitals will be held throughout the fall and spring semesters.  These sessions are designed to provide the student with performance experience as well as the opportunity to meet and interact with other peers studying music.   Students are expected to attend, perform, and participate in these classes.   


Summer lessons will be provided.  Students who are in town are strongly encouraged to enroll in the summer semester in order to continue their development at the piano. Students who choose not to enroll in summer lessons cannot be guaranteed a studio spot for the upcoming studio year.  



All new students will be taken on a three-month trial basis at the end of which attitude, motivation, and progress will be assessed.  After this trial period is complete, it will be decided whether continued instruction is appropriate for the student.

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